Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Trip to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 in Kansas City, MO

We had a blast at the second annual Spectrum Fantastic Art Live - a three-day celebration of the art and artists that bring to life worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Organized by Cathy Fenner and Arnie Fenner - the team behind the annual Spectrum art showcase book - now in its 20th year of publication.

Ragnar, Coop, Bob Self, and Collector's Shangri-La's own Stephanie Rogers at the Baby Tattoo booth
Our friend and Baby Tattoo publisher Bob Self is part of the jury panel for the Spectrum awards. So naturally, he brought his roadshow down through town to stop at the exhibition. Artists Coop, Gris Grimly, Ragnar (who has provided incredibly cool graphics for Collector's Shangri-La), and doll-maker Marina Bychkova, were all on hand to sign their books.

Baby Tattoo Roadshow Poster signed by the Baby Tattoo Family

Special Guests Peter de Sève and Terryl Whitlatch
Special guests Brom, Peter de Sève, Terryl Whitlatch, and other artists were on hand at the Flesk Publications booth to sign the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 Commemorative Book.

The Dancer and the Drum by Charles Vess from Moonheart by Charles de Lint
One of the highlights of the event for me was a presentation by illustrator and comic artist Charles Vess exploring the three major aesthetic themes that continue to influence the look of Fantastic Art today: British Fairy Tale Art, American Pulp Illustration, and European Visionary Art. I was lucky enough to purchase the incredible illustration above by Vess. It was published in the 20th anniversary edition of the fantasy novel Moonheart by Charles de Lint.

Cathy and Arnie Fenner at the Spectrum Live Awards
The Spectrum 20 Awards Ceremony at the Midland Theatre in Kansas City, MO was a visual treat! With it's opulent 1927-era interiors, the Midland was the perfect venue to showcase the incredible fantasy art of the past year.

The winners this year were:


Gold Award: Dan dos Santos, "Dragon Empress"
Silver Award: Android Jones, "Ganesatron"

Gold Award: Dave Palumbo, "Fed"
Silver Award: Charles Vess, "Tanglewood: I Didn't Know She Was a Bottle Witch"

Gold Award: Paolo Rivera, "Daredevil #10"
Silver Award: David Petersen, "Mouse Guard: Black Axe #4, pg. 19"

Gold Award: Allen Williams, "Tree of Tales"
Silver Award: Daniel Dociu, "Guild Wars 2, Norn Lodge"

Gold Award: Virginie Ropars, "Acanthopis III"
Silver Award: David Meng, "Sashimi"

Gold Award: Sam Bosma, "Stability"
Silver Award: Sam Weber, "Cancer Monster"

Gold Award: Kekai Kotaki, "Stampede"
Silver Award: Lucas Graciano, "Dragon Swarm"

Gold Award: Cory Godbey, "The Fish Master"
Silver Award: Andrew Mar, "Tell-Tale Heart"

Mouse Guard FCBD page 4 original art by David Petersen
One final treasured purchase I'd like to share is this original art by Spectrum 20 Silver Award-winner David Petersen from Mouse Guard FCBD 2013. Medieval mice with swords - what could be better?

Looking forward to next year!

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