Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Birthday Ernie Kovacs

Ernie Kovacs-Owned Bow Tie, Shirt Collar and Record Collection
Today marks the birthday of TV pioneer Ernie Kovacs (1919 - 1962), the first performer to grasp the medium's possibilities. His uninhibited genius was let loose to experiment on the hilarious Ernie Kovacs Show from the early 1950s until his untimely death in 1962. Collector's Shangri-La has put together our acquisitions from the Ernie Kovacs/Edie Adams Estate to create the ultimate personal keepsake in a unique limited edition. Each of these Limited Edition Sets contains 20 records from his personal record collection plus one of Mr. Kovacs' worn bow ties and shirt collars. Kovacs' music collection includes music played on the show (as in the comedian's classic "The Tilted Table") as well as various classical music recordings, polka albums, musical cast albums, and what would now be considered "exotica" or "lounge" music. Limited edition of only 10 sets! We include a numbered certificate with each set. Authenticity guaranteed for life by Collector's Shangri-La.

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