Monday, June 17, 2013

Collector's Treasure of the Day - Remembering Wally Wood

Detail from Mad Magazine "Strangely Believe It!" Original Art by Wally Wood and Ernie Kovacs
Today marks the birthday of comic artist Wally Wood (1927-1981), best known for his work on EC Comics's MAD and Marvel's Daredevil. Our Collector's Treasure of the Day is a page of original art written by TV pioneer Ernie Kovacs (1919 - 1962) and drawn by Wood. The two teamed up for a series of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! parodies, beginning with MAD Magazine #33. This wild page is from the next-to-last issue to feature them, and has Wood drawing on textured bristol. Some great Wood women in the panel shown in this detail -- wait, is one of them Little Orphan Annie?! Authenticity guaranteed for life by Collector's Shangri-La.

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