Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Highlights from Baby Tattooville 2013

Baby Tattooville is a weekend-long event celebrating the contemporary art community sponsored by the art books publishing house Baby Tattoo. We had the pleasure of participating for our third year and had a blast! The featured artists for 2013 were Alex Pardee, Chet Zar, Mitch O'Connell, Sylvia Ji, Travis Louie, KRK Ryden, Sucklord, Gris Grimly, Steven J. Daily, Olivia De Berardinis, Kathie Olivas, and Brandt Peters plus the "usual suspects" Luke Chueh, Brandi Milne, Coop, Ragnar, and Michael Hussar. What follows is a few photos from the weekend at the Mission Inn in Riverside, CA plus some of our favorite goodies we brought home with us:

12-in-1 Limited Edition Print by the Baby Tattoo 2013 artists

Original Sketch by Alex Pardee

Limited Edition Badge by Olivia

Book Talk with artists Brandi Milne and Olivia De Berardinis with publishers Joel Beren and Bob Self

Self-Portrait by Brandi Milne

Self-Portrait by Brandt Peters

Self-Portrait by Coop

The Ramones Limited Edition print by Coop

Original Painting by Steven J. Daily

Original Art by Gris Grimly

Self-Portrait by Gris Grimly

Original Drawing by KRK Ryden in his new book Double Talk

Original Sketch by KRK Ryden

Krampus Limited Edition Print by Travis Louie

Original Self-Portrait by Luke Chueh

Luke Chueh and Sucklord

Limited Edition Print by Mitch O'Connell

Original Sketch by Mitch O'Connell

Original Sketch by Kathie Olivas

Original Sketch by Olivia

Limited Edition Print by Alex Pardee

Circus Punk Toss

Original Sketch by Ragnar

Original Sketch by Sylvia Ji

Original Sketch by Steven J. Daily

Original Art by Sucklord

Limited Edition Print by Silvia Ji

Original Sketch by Travis Louie

Original Sketch by Chet Zar in his book Black Magick

Limited Edition Magnet by Chet Zar

Original Sketch by Chet Zar

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